Microsoft Access 2016

Microsoft Access 2016

Although Microsoft Access 2016 may appear almost similar as the 2013 version, the features are by far more superior. Here are a few of the interesting additions to the list of benefits offered by this program:

• Ease of Data Exporting from Access 2016. With the latest version, users can now easily linked a data directly to Microsoft Excel 2016. This makes data management a lot easier than ever. To learn how to export data, users just need to access the Export Function by clicking either the Linked Table Manager or External Data Tab.

•Tell Me Query Box. The ‘Clippy’ virtual assistant has been made more functional and easy-to-use. To have a quick access to data or other features, users will simply have to type the query onto the search field. It’s that simple.

•Larger Dialogue. The size of the pop-ups and sidebars are dependent on the size of the application too. This will reduce the unnecessary scrolling down or tab when checking available lists or tables.

• Modernised templates and themes. There’s a bigger selection for your individual needs.

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